January 16, 2012

story of my life.

never have i felt uncomfortable with the soul inside of me, or begged to be a little bit cooler.
my dresses are fine; they suit me.
the hairs on my circle head are dull, and i like them just like that.
in fact, i even like my circle head.
in dark theaters, i talk too often, and undoubtedly too loud.
i chew on ice, and laugh when i shouldn't...
i protest pants, head up church tickle-back-turns, and sleep 'til noon.
i appreciate clean white socks, covered parking, and smart boys with bed head...the ones with stupid jokes.

and often, i find my brain wandering past the things i know, and exploring silly alternatives to the list above.


i catch myself in writing.
i stake my hole in the ground, and remember that the soul inside of me will always be my favorite one.
and then, i go to sleep.


  1. When you see your sister courtney kearns comment on this post being great, I think, for longer than a couple of seconds, that you actually wrote that on your own blog.
    You, or not you. I have to agree with Courtney Kearns.


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