January 24, 2012

is there counseling for this? hay-ulp....

the sick addiction that i have to purchasing sassy blockbusters is rather pathetic. 
i've got everything from frankie and annette to scott pilgrim. in alphabetical order...
i'm one of those people who tries to purchase ferris bueller's day off for the sixth (yes, the sixth) time,
and somehow winds up leaving hasting's with a completely different collection. again.
i am a champ when it comes to bargain movie shopping. nay, a gladiator.
oh, yes. i am a bargain-movie-shopping-gladiator.
and amazon.com? we've been fighting a saucy love affair for quite some time now.
it tempts me with 2$ classics, and i always give in.

three eclairs, and one hour later,
i am the proud owner of 4 best sellers.
for a grand total of 20 bones.

who's your daddy....


  1. eclairs and sassy romcoms. this is why we're sisters.

  2. What is the last movie there? Becca always says that movies are my addictive vice! Some peeps buy shoes, others are alchies, I buy movies. Lay off! Loves to you baby!


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