May 14, 2011

here's the deal:

i have to catch an 8:30 flight in the morning, just to transition to another. but we're okay with that, because the second plane is headed for london-heathrow.
i hiked a serious waterfall in farmington tonight with gen, miss, and those bountiful boys, which has led me to my bed just praying that my legs stop throbbing in time for me to shake it off in the morning. it's a long shot, i understand. but we all know the big man can work some pretty sweet miracles. let's just hope he deems me worthy of one of them.
i have been patiently waiting for this one girl to get a kiss, but it keeps on doing the opposite of happening. it's like, KISS HER ALREADY... ya know? p.s. it's not me. just in case you didn't know. thanks for being on my team anyway, though. i appreciate that.
i learned tonight that similar to spicy food, salsa, and hot sauce, a hike's intensity will never be represented correctly. that's why when i say, "ketchup sometimes burns my tongue," you say, "this hike is around three miles uphill both ways". heaven help the man who marries me. i hope he's not an outdoorsy mexican. things could be fatal for our love.
campfire roasted starbursts are my guilty pleasure. along with lots of other things like nick jonas and antique road shows. but we're getting ahead of ourselves now.

well, all you pretty people.
i just love you, i do.
plus, i think you're great. (i had to say that for my brother. sometimes words come our of my fingertips and i could swear i'm typing from jake kearns' body. like just now. it's the strangest thing.)  

i'm off to europe for the trip i have been dreaming of since i was a little girl. it feels so good to know that it all happens in the morning.

i'll be seeing you!
and i'll write all of your names on abbey road.
because i just think that much of you.
it's a big honor.
you're welcome.


  1. you were in farmington??? and you didn't tell me?

  2. I feel the same way caitlin... the SAME way

  3. Ohhh boo hoo. Dear Kenzie. I got your birthday present in notting hill. I am a good friend. That's all.


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