May 20, 2011

travel seduction brought to you by ireland.

tube to train, train to ship, ship to train, and train to train, i have reached dreamland. around nine o'clock tonight, and after twelve hours of travel across land and sea, i stepped off the train in limerick. the very same place that mr. thomas lefroy calls home... that is one beautiful detail that i am particularly giddy about. the other could possibly be driven by the fact that upon arriving, out my window, there was nothing but green.

i am in heaven here.

and do you know what?
there is a bath tub here. a real life one. and the view put my window is of a dark grey stone clock tower and cathedral, fifteenth century made or older. i'm telling you, i could spend forever here. plus, i ate maynards wine gums for dinner, {my favorite european delicacy} and am finishing off the night watching made in chelsea. the hills, but with the addition of british accents... which somehow makes it less trashy. instead of our protagonist being the lovely "LC", in britain, her name is caggie. i do believe i have once again pestered the reality t.v. monster inside of me, and this show has become an addiction i refuse to shake myself of. cheeky, reeeally. lastly... every commercial voice over has an irish tint. it. is. the loveliest thing.

good night from county cork.
all of my love, courty kearns.
{p.s. my name is a big deal around here, what with it being irish and all. so i'm obviously loving that too.}

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  1. my best friend served his mission in ireland.
    he got home two months ago.
    he wants to go back.
    he'll be jealous of you.


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