May 6, 2011

and any time you feel the pain, hey jude, refrain.

moving out of the alva c. today was maybe the worst thing. 
scratch that...
moving out of the alva c., then having to stay the night in it without the 404 peps, mr. j.b., and the old girl chair is the worst.
it is going to be one lonely night here.

i hate college right now.

last night, we took some family pictures outside of our home of nine months.
and i have considered shedding tears a few times. 
as the roomies left one by one this morning, i contemplated attaching myself to their legs and holding on for dear life.
kylee was the first, followed by kenz, brookie, and later little miss.
jordan left for d.c. around noon,
so let's just not talk about that.
i guess this means that the tribe has spoken.
this is not real....
at least, it wasn't until i looked around me five seconds ago, and the only things in the living room are maroon alva c. chairs and a table from davis hall.
{if laura asks, i have no idea where it came from. i'm scared she's going to make me haul it back...}

so here i am, 
checked out, keyless, and alone.
just me, my computer, and a few boxes.
i have never wanted to call this place home until now.

i'll be out by tomorrow morning, 
and it's breaking my heart.

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