May 31, 2011

no words. but the opposite of that.


i'm a republican. did you know that? because i am.
a red-blooded, george bush supporting, glenn beck advocating, right wing enthusiast.
i respect sarah palin, bill o'reilly, and will vote for mitt in 2012.
but guess what. i'm also a member of a pretty great church. which is rarely represented on fox news.
last night it was.
and i was overjoyed.
i watched this last night. and it simply brought me to tears.

i have the most respect for the nielson family. and on air last night, they told america how they really felt. all of america. topics were touched on air that never have been before, i'm sure. good people, those nielsons. i went to bed feeling like a weight was lifted from the world maybe. that there had to be someone watching that needed to hear that god is in everything. god provides hope when circumstances appear to be hopeless. when a prayer seems neglected, try again, or listen harder. this broadcast reminded me to be better--to quit whining. it was wonderful to watch this, and know that we all root for the same team. we want to share our knowledge of the plan of salvation, the atonement, and even things that may seem insignificant like a prayer. they do get answered, something you will understand if you only try.

i couldn't find the entire broadcast, but if you're interested, you can go here and read it all. do it. it is wonderful. :) 

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