May 11, 2011

strawberry fields forever.

helllllo cute boy.
it's me.
your one day wife.

i thought of some more things you maybe should be aware of.

i like the beatles.
almost in the same way that i like you.
but not.
because i like you wayyyy more.

sometimes i say the 's' word, and then i don't even feel sorry about it.
actually, if i'm being honest, i do lots of things i don't feel sorry about.
like throwing gum on the sidewalk, and sometimes running stop signs.
i'm pretty risky business if you couldn't tell.
and when i'm sad, i feel like i deserve to not wear pants. so then i don't.
and i just decided to designate saturdays at our house as no pants day.
nobody needs to go out on saturdays.
therefore, nobody needs to wear pants.
it's incentive to push through the week. go with it.
i insist on raiding your closet, stealing your zip ups, and abducting your shaving cream.
but i give top notch tickle back turns, so it all evens out.
i don't like karaoke, and i will never make you watch moulin rouge. because i hate it as much as you do.
however, i refuse to share a glass of milk with you, and can make no promises of staying awake during football games on t.v.
you win some, you lose some i guess.
sometimes, even after i'm pantless and still sad, i think of europe.
it's my happy place.
and we're going to live there one day. in ireland. i don't care what it takes.
but i've done my homework, and it is happening.
white washed walls, and a thatched roof on the cliffs of moher.
i'm sure that it is somewhere in the cards for us, even if it's buried deep.

but more importantly, you're in the cards for me, and we will cross this ireland bridge when we come to it.

sound like a plan, one day love?

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