May 27, 2011

this place smells like germs. which is gross.

one miracle of a flight later, i have touched down in the land of the free. which feels almost surreal, considering the fact that i thought i was never going to get out of dublin. two flights a day to the states... whaaaatta joke. but that's not the point. the point is that mary ann in business elite took double care of me, {meaning my cup of diet coke mixed with the non virgin kind was never neglected. relax, people. i'm talking about stiff coke here.} and the man who sat beside me for our special journey fondly resembled my dentist, which removed some of the awkward severity when he hovered over me to get to the aisle. good man.

so. here i sit. at jfk. again.

back to the place where horizon lines are full of skyscrapers and department store tycoons.
plus, my 3G no longer rejects me.

it's a good one, this country.

pictures of dreamland and londontown to come soon. i have to get outttta new york first. which could be a problem.

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