May 9, 2011

liiike... you think i'm kidding.

but i'm not.

i have the best news, loves.

two more followers. in one night.
that rarely happens.

i don't know if you know this about me, but secretly, {and after tonight not-so-secretly} i hope to become a big shot blogger one day. i think we all do, but i'm admitting it.
for real though. 
so let's try something.
i'm going to go brooke borup on you, because she is brilliant, {p.s. is her header not killer? we're big 'b' fans on this blog.} and give you some incentive.

i'm leaving the country for two weeks on saturday.
and if by the time i get back there are thirty five of you or more, {remember that i understand my stat graphs... i know you're out there...}
it's possible that there will be an international surprise just waiting to show up in your mailbox.
highly possible.
take my good friend, joe.
joe follows. and lives in germany. {p.s. joe, i don't know you, but i think you're great.}
and once there was someone from australia that commented. {i like you too by the way.}

i'm talking giveaway, people.
pathetic? maybe. but that's none of your business.
and when have i ever been self conscious about anyone's opinion anyway?
i'm going pretty far this time... it's being posted on the fb.
which i never do.

so here goes. thirty five... that's nine more. for the price of clicking a button.

you are wonderful. :)
 and here's your piece of the day. 
because i decided i like it again.
i like me some red head lovin'.

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