May 5, 2011

tonight we:

i moved in with one best friend, and moved out with three. 
they're pictured above.

roasted starbursts over our little stove with those boys next door that we have come to love oh so much, 
sent some flames up towards the infamous smoke alarm,
splashed agua in pursuit of a frosty,
smooshed in a black exterra named denzel,
drove around logantown to find an ice cream joint open past eleven o'clock {not for rookies, folks.},
settled on carl's j.,
"froggered" some quarters {i'm a quarter spinning champ by the way},
there was some def leopard in the car,
some more smooshing,
and we laughed, and laughed. 
and laughed.

  and of course...
i have to mention these lovelies.
the 404 would be a sad place without them.

spring semester was top notch, and i will miss it like crazy.
even if the elevator lights mysteriously vanished one too many times, {only our fault ONE TIME, starr! k maybe twice...}
and even when angie's was the highlight of my weekend.
i can no longer imagine life without ping-pong players in the lobby until two in the morning,
or coming out of the elevator and being greeted by a twin boxing match.
it's all just normal now, and i never want to leave. 

i will pack my bags tomorrow, and seal up my life for the summer.

you've been good to me, alva c.

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