May 29, 2011

today was the first daybreak drive of the season,

and i sure did love it.
and because i'm so in love with the oquirrh mountain area, i spend an hour a week on a drive around daybreak in the summertime. woah. preposition overload. sorry. anyway. the drive offers my brain and i five seconds alone to bounce ideas off of one another. such time is much needed in order to keep altercations away throughout the week. conversation seldom turns ugly, however, i have been known to be awake all night with a brain that won't stop chatting.

but for the most part, i like my brain.

favorite discovery of the adventure:


i purchased some new tights and shoes. which was bril.
we all know that nothing makes this girl happier than lace and tights.
well. some things do. like babies, and sour candy, and pools.
but roll with it.

{happy sabbath.}

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