May 25, 2011

kilarney has ruined me forever.

miraculously, there is wifi in our favorite red blooded american diner in limerick. sure do love me some free wifi, that's for sure. especially when it is accompanied by a big juicy BLT heavy on the mayo. what can I say... i'm all about the grease. however, I can't stomach another fry. i'm done with those.

the tour ends in the morning, and i have to wake up from my green dream. it's possible that i'll shed a few tears. i mean, i'm just being honest.

i spent the day on dingle peninsula and felt my heart skip a beat upon entering thatched roof and poppy territory. it was a blustery day and grey was everywhere. the rain dimpled our euro car as the kooks and otis redding provided the soundtrack of our drive. this saying goodbye business isn't going to be easy.

i'll be seeing you in america too close to momentarily. back to the place deprived of cake pops, penney's, and da mario's. {sigh. big sigh.}

love, a true galway girl.

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