May 1, 2011

i have a crush on john cusak. which doesn't have anything to do with this post, but it's true. and i thought you should know.

the good news is, melancholy... gone. no grey's anatomy today; i think we've solved our case, watson.
and the other good news is the absence of bad news.

yes, it is close to five o'clock in the morning, and i'm sitting at my kitchen counter writing this. and dreaming of a day when it will feel all fine and well to go to bed before the latest hours of the morning. i just cannot bring myself to do such a thing when i have three days left of my freshman year. there are too many games to be played, movies to be watched, friends to be made... and i guess i should mention the studying. {that was for you, mom.} besides that, i was thinking about myself a few minutes ago, something i admittedly do all too often. {you do it too. it is easier if you just admit it.} and i remembered how much i liked fun facts.  so here we go:

i shower in the morning and at night. the just clean feeling upon hitting the sheets is possibly the best one on earth.
i swear by jergen's ultra healing lotion.
i don't feel pretty until i'm wearing earrings.
i'm an avid chapstick wash and dryer. i am certainly no stranger to unchecked pant pockets and broken chapstick.
making people feel stupid unsettles me, so i'll probably laugh at any joke you tell. unless i don't like you... that's a different story. and in that case, i'm pretty sassy. i'm working on it...
i like boys that use big words and say dumb things. paradoxical, but charming.
flattened marker tips drive me absolutely up the wall, and i refuse to use them.

{good morning, and happy sabbath.}



  1. i just found out that i can comment on this. this was cute! and its weird that i knew all of those fun facts

  2. I have a crush on John Cusak too. Love you BS!!!


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