October 11, 2011

ahhh to be young and flat broke.

we basement dwellers...

we throw a fit after hours and hours of homework.
[no, not kidding. from 2-10:30.
curses be to the person who invented verb conjugation. i for real hate you. (jk, but seriously.)]

and the only way we can ever think to stop the madness is by visiting the retro mcdonald's on main.
sure, there are diet cokes involved.
...but d.c. alone cannot cure us of the wiggles.
we must cavort around campus cat calling and murder screaming at passerbys, forcing them to shake in their boots. 
then, we wreak some havoc on our old alva c.
[twisting off the lights in the elevator. basically starting a revolution. classic.]

if i could be on any t.v. show, i would choose saturday night live. hands down. 
hanging out with andy samberg, kristin wiig, seth meyers, and bill hader all week? where do i sign up?

also p.s. 
that diamond, right?!?!
i might be obsessed with it, and stare at it all day long.
which explains why i made her model it on a mcdonald's cup.

another french test tomorrow. blow me lucky kisses, please.

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  1. i love this. made meh laugh. repeat. tonight. after hours of studying.


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