October 19, 2011

vienna waits for you. billy joel, highly appropriate.

i kind of feel like never reading an article, memoir, JSTOR entry, or scientific journal ever again.
because i have spent the last eleven hours hooked to my computer, notebook, and every 1960s new york times article that ever existed.
and frankly, i am sick of writing about housewives and "glocoat".

so i took a break.
mind you, it was not a break from academia, but rather a break from all things "don draper meets stepford wives". it was a dive into western civ. a very much needed dive.

it was a small vacation where i disappeared into stefan zweig's autobiography.
i saw vienna, and lived like the jewish bourgeoisie.
i learned all about the age of security, and the upper middle class previous to the twentieth century.

i also read this, which explains my obsession with this novel:

"we gradually acquired small comforts, moved from a smaller to a larger house, rented a carriage for afternoons in the spring, and traveled second-class in a sleeping car. but it was not until he was fifty that my father allowed himself the luxury of spending a month in the winter with my mother in [the south of france]."

the world of yesterday, by stefan zweig.

never have i been so crazy eyes over a class before.
i'm in love with this required text. really, i am.

[weekend starts TOMORROW! ...at 3 p.m. ...if i can only manage to finish this soul sucking paper. you will be the death of me, english 2010. wow... never thought i'd say that... i blame it on general requirements, and lack of creative thinking involved with that waste of a class.]


  1. You make me miss college.

    And I love that Billy song. Might be one of very favorites.

  2. Do I post too much on your blog? At what point do I just become creepy.

  3. No! I looooove reading your comments! They always make me so happy! :)


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