October 12, 2011

felt like i was drowning.


all hail... me. because i'm a true aggie. 
yeah. what up.

he put his arm around me and began digging a hole with his words. his terrible, cheesy words.
i think i felt the bruise of his ego more than he did.
 there was no way out.
so as the story goes,
sympathy o'er took me, and together, we kissed atop the "A".
i let a stranger true aggie me, something i swore i would never do.

it was awkward, slightly inappropriate [tongue, really? i've known you for five minutes!], and absurdly uncomfortable.
but hey. i got a card out of it...?

until tonight, i hadn't known a painful kiss; i was one of the lucky ones.
...until i broke my streak.
with that being said, 
this kid could use a few pointers from my previous gentlemen suitors, let's be real.
so, my friends.
let this day go down in history as the day that my peers began showing me a little bit more respect.
oh, who are we kidding.
that's not true.

viola hastings said it best:


  1. Every girl has to experience a bad kisser.
    It's imperative to getting the best kisser.
    TRUST me. :)


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