October 18, 2011

selena g., out.

so i was convinced that i had meningitis this morning...
but what else is new?
i'm a hysterical hypochondriac, and there's no stopping me from "web m.d.ing" when i feel a twinge of the most common symptoms. i called my mom four times today. she calmed me down. and told me that i probably do not have meningitis... thanks, mom. i love you.

so, good news.
autumn has hit logan finally.
as i walked home from church yesterday, i couldn't help but notice all of the yellow trees and piled up leaves around me. i went a little picture crazy... cars were judging me. but i didn't care, because it's not like i have that many friends anyway.

this is what a cache valley fall looks like: 
stunning, really.

do you want to know why today was the best day ever?
because my etsy necklace came in the mail! 
and it was wrapped in the sweetest package.
better believe i'll be giving them the review of a lifetime.

tonight was good.
in an attempt to snatch "practical magic" from our neighbor,
we were instead summoned into her apartment for some murder game playing.
it was an offer we couldn't pass up.
and somehow, within an hour, i went from being selena gomez, to a member of the mafia, in love with the uni-bomber.
[i still don't really understand...]
the good news is that we made friends with the apple pie neighbor boys on the corner of our street.
and all i know is this: they are a reeeeal great time.

i like new friends.

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