October 14, 2011

i love friday.

essay tests are my best friends.
no, seriously. i think we were meant for each other.
i just finished taking one on western civilization. from 1600-1850.
and if you can keep my nerd status a secret,
i'll tell you that it was one of the more enjoyable parts of my week.
i wrote eight short essays, and one extended essay in 50 minutes.
and while stressful and crazy, it was an exhilarating adrenaline rush.  
i loved it so much.
i don't really understand either. all i know is, european history is my niche!
we go together like louis XIV and absolutism... whaaaa? history joke? you bet.

moving on...
a list for your friday:

where i'd rather be this weekend, and a fabulous blogger.

this blog. my gosh, she's hilarious. i wish we were best friends all the time. p.s. what is it with me, and reading "megan blogs"? seriously, i think i follow five or six. obviously you're a great blogger if your name is megan.

can't. stop. online shopping. my obsession these days.

go buy one. now. we can be twins.

now you're addicted. you're welcome.

can we just talk about how ty lockwood survived his transition into being a hybrid, matt donovan tried to kill himself, jeremy gilbert is still my fave, and rebecca is a jealous crazy psycho? it's like, lay off elena. also. you know things are getting crazy when you're a bigger fan of damon than stefan. ugh. i miss real stefan...

p.s. since when did derek shepherd become the world's biggest tool? mcdreamy is dead to me. no one hurts merideth grey.

now, if you'll excuse me, i have a lunch date with the red head with an angel's voice. ciao!


  1. hahaha vampy was the best. so do you think this means ty and caroline can make awesome vampy hybrid babies now? sure hope so. I do love them together oh so much... and mcdreamy... totally agree. so sad. poor greys. Did you watch the wedding episode of new girl? I was peeing my pants through most of it with the "so busy doing it" and "he's soft like a towel" zooey wannabe for life.

  2. oh and thank you for sharing these blogs...

  3. right!? new stefan is KILLING me!


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