October 5, 2011

wednes. day.

there were a lot of reasons that i needed to not be at school today:

1. simply put, i cannot work with idiots. group projects are worthless. give me the assignment, i'll do it myself. painting pretty pictures doesn't give you license to criticize san vitale, or the mosaics of justinian inside. can we all agree on that? let us all stick to the things we know, savvy?
2. my french class wrecked me today. i was a studdering mess. i had to say, "pass" twice when my professor called on me... and apparently that word is frowned upon during lecture. crap, she hates me. but it's like.. hey.. don't you work for me? 
basically, the only reason that i went to school was to walk in the rain.

in honor of this glorious gloomy weather that we are finding ourselves in up here in cache valley [and i hear you folks in the slc have found it too! aren't we all so lucky? i think so.], i have decided that i'd like to feature some of the other things that i love so much: 

1. the brilliant combination of ty lockwood and caroline forbes. [the BSHs are on my mind once again. and they're in my loft, too. surprise, surprise.]

2. my engaged roommate. she's pretty cool. we laugh at the same things, her ring is like a dream, and let's be honest... these two cuties were meant to be. plus, she brings me her love in the form of sour candy... which just so happens to be my favorite kind of love.

3. i reeeally like my bed. yeah. that's all. 

4. my pretty sisters, all five of them. we like to share everything with each other. especially our names.

5. sonic's pumpkin pie malt. it'll change your life, and make you a real woman. true story.

6. this blog. i love it so very much. can't. stop. reading.

tttthat's all, folks
enjoy your rain.

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