October 30, 2011

something festive.

i had fun not going to the howl like the rest of the world.
you know, the rest of the world being those who go to my school. and those who aren't cool enough to go to my school, and come to the howl anyway. 
the mary poppins pumpkin... would we expect anything less from me? she's my favorite girl.
so, instead of howling, we carved pumpkins, brewed up some wassil, and celebrated all hallows eve with stockard channing, sandy bullock, and nicole kidman.
[if you don't speak pop culture fluently, that means practical magic. sillies.]
how much more festive can you get?!
plus, we kind of thought we owed a little something to halloween...
considering the fact that we have been listening to christmas music since october first...
 when i told my mother that i would not be attending this "school dance", she was highly disappointed, and asked me why. i proceeded to tell her that i A: was opposed to the 10$ charge, and B: couldn't handle all of the grinding.
then she asked me what "grinding" was.
i changed the subject.

all in all, cousin night with the pumpkins was a success.
...a success that turned into cousin sleepover.
where i hauled my entire bed into melodey's room.

howl shmowl.


  1. love your mary poppins pumpkin! you've got serious pumpkin carving skills girl!

  2. Practical Magic is my favorite Halloween movie!!


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