October 16, 2011

i guess you could say that i'm unhealthily obsessed with a few things:

-my life mission to exterminate all germs from the earth. 
-the cute little neighbor boy who magically became my home teacher last week.
-the fact that my cousin doesn't mind that i blast the entire newsies soundtrack while i shower. in fact, she sings along. duh. we're kin.
-bing crosby's christmas album. that i maaaybe abducted from my mother's stash [sorry, nance...]. and yeah. i listen to christmas music in october. because if there's one holiday that i wouldn't invite to a party, it would be halloween. 
-this picture, which i purposefully rediscover about every day. and i miss him. about twice, every day.
[december 1st marks one. whole. year! do i hear a celebration coming on? yeah. that, and a prayer to thank the big man upstairs to have made it this long without his skinny body and premium music selection.]


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  1. Hello, kindred spirit. Bing??? Oh, I love him.... AAANNNDDD Newsies? Yes.


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