October 28, 2011

bloody thursday.

i wrote a paper from my bed this morning. with pants, a long sleeved shirt, sweatshirt, some hard core ski socks, a down comforter, and two extra blankets...
and still had to wear my hood.
33 degrees this morning, and still smiling.
we're pretty B.A. up north.

stone cold fox.
in other news...
i went on a ryan reynolds craze this afternoon.
just friends + definitely maybe = four hours of drooling over the best looking man alive.
i don't know what it is about dark hair, dark eyes and a five o'clock shadow, but it gets me every time.
my personal vervain, if you will. [bahahaha... but really.]
scarlett johansson is such an idiot.

it was bloody thursday today.
[that means vampires and seattle grace. keep up.]
here are my two cents:

1. hello, jeremy gilbert.                                                           
2. i CALLED the whole supernatural-lexi-                               
coming-back-as-a-ghost thing. CALLED IT!                          
3. gosh dang-it, when are damon and elana                             
going to just get it on already? am i alone here?                       
4. bonnie bugs. let's torch her house and steal                         
her spell book.                                                                       
5. i learned that families really can be together 
forever. this stuff isn't just for humans. exhibit
A: pearl & anna.

1. mcdreamy needs a mchaircut. mcdesperately.
2. i honestly can't choose: sloan or avery? sooo
glad i'm not little grey right now... wait... nevermind.
3. christina yang makes me miss emily matis. she's 
the rational to my dark and twisty. we're the 
grey-yang duo for life.
4. i love greys, really. i do. but this season, well...
it is breaking my heart. however, i will not stop 
watching, because i feel like if i did, i would be 
abandoning my people or something. i've been
through it all: callie o'malley, "pick me, choose
me. LOVE ME!", denny duquette, izzy and george
in the elevator... [favorite episode], christina quits
the scalpel, george has the syph, george gets hit 
by a bus... i've seen it all. i just feel like i would 
be letting down the gang at seattle grace, and that
idea alone is just morally corrupt! HARD CORE 

well, now you've either got some thoughts to ponder, or some thursday night television to catch up on.
i wish you well.

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