October 28, 2011

[insert rebecca black reference here.]

it is friday.
and in my obsession, and the celebration of no class for two days, i have found a new hobby.
thus, i give you the evolution of ryan reynolds:

canadian child superstar?
international revolutionary?
ahhh the nineties slicked back hair.
wow... zach morris meets lance bass. we've hit a rough patch, folks.
and we're back in the game. at sacred heart.
"it's cool. i like other girls. DARLA!"
...my personal favorite.
and let's be honest. some of his best work.
it's like, you've got the rest of your life made when you hit the big
screen with america's sweetheart.

gosh, i do love him.

i got a haircut that looks like this:
 and i love it. just call me annemarie, and find me a dog named charlie.


  1. did you know the girl who plays the voice of annemarie's dad killed her because she made more money than him. there's a sad story to for your friday. LOVE YOU.

  2. Zach meets Lance Bass ? Bahahahahahahaha.
    I'm in love with him. Thank you for this. Thank you.

  3. court! i want to see you haircut!! please?


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