April 30, 2011

but yogi....

it's time to post this.
because i am feeling a surge of melancholy sweep over me this morning.
i think it may be due to the fact that i have watched more grey's anatomy this week than should ever be humanly possible.
don't get me wrong--it's my most favorite television show of all time, but it makes me highly emotional.
and tonight, after a hilarious game of loaded questions, us hardcore grey's fans greysathoned until five o'clock in the morning.
and then made buttermilk waffles, bringing us to the present.
where i am blogging.
and not sleeping, because it is hard for me to do such a thing when the sun has come out.
so for now, i will shower, and resort to the library and the anthropology museum where i can do my best thinking.
i'll be back later, i'm sure of it.
there is a lot on my mind.

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