April 12, 2011

a few items of biz.

i reeeally hate bitter carrots. but do you know what i don't hate?
i really don't. in fact, i opposite of hate them. i love them! 
and if you're following me, but you're a closeted follower... let's break it down further. if you believe that you're creeping on me and that i'll be offended, abandon your inhibitions! i like you, and i think it's okay that you like me too. so follow away! 

{by the way... i know you're real. i read my stats.}

i have decided to undergo a little bit of blog construction... blostruction. i'm tired of this template and all of its friends. they need to leave. so obviously i'm starting with this new font. smaller, and less dainty. because i decided dainty isn't a word i would ever use to describe myself, so why would i use it to describe the ohhh so interesting life that i lead? i wouldn't. so from now on, i'll be working on the ever developing relationship growing between helvetica and me. we might be destined for true love. 

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