April 6, 2011

if you had three, you'd give me two. no other friend like you.

title love from my boyfriend, j-rad. here.

so here's what's up.
blogging a lot lately.
i think a lot.
deal, or stop reading.
...sassy? yes. true? also yes.

my very best girlfriends: miss emily, lulu, kels, haley, and i the night before we all moved up to college.

so here are my thoughts on friendship:

a question has been poking my mind as of late. in all honesty, what should a friend do for you? the answer that i came up with is anything. so for all of you out there that have friends that stick stipulations to situations, you can borrow mine. because they are the best ones on the earth. promise.

and guess what.

conditions don't exist with them. and if they do with your friends, get yourself some new ones. because your old ones are laaaame. and quickly turning your spent time into a waste of it.

and here's what i have to say to you if you, yourself, aren't a very good friend...

i sincerely wish you the best of luck.
that's all.

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