April 22, 2011

i like vicious rhetoric. it's like playful banter. but scarier. because i mean it.

scarce can i speak, my choler is so great. oh! i could hew up rocks, and fight with flint.
william shakespeare. 

I couldn't have said it better myself.

i am on edge at the moment. mostly because i'm not a fan of unintelligent people, ignorance, or anxiety.
all of which i have come in contact with in the past twenty four hours. 
so here i am. expressing myself through hardly appropriate acrimony.

disclaimer: tonight, i am tart and full of acerbity. and i'm not afraid to let you know. 

first. this is to no one specific. so before you hasten away on your highest horse, settle down. i'm not talking to you. 

let's get down to business now, shall we?

to whom it may concern, don't give me your opinion. on anything. because i don't find it intelligent. or worthy of my listening. plus, you don't like me. so i don't like your thoughts.
don't speak when you're clueless.
you're unnecessarily curt and rude. your kind end up being the jake pavelkas and roseanne barrs of the world. i challenge you to find five fans of each.
grow up.
and i hope you feel like an idiot.

all anger aside, i am now a fan of baz luhrmann. something i never thought that i would say. moulin rouge, not his strongest suit. however, tonight he has proven his genius with this. besides the fact that leo is wonderful, he speaks shakespearean. and as we all well know, i have a relationship with words. therefore, i now have a relationship with the movie romeo + juliet. i am in love with literary tragedy. it's some twisted, messed up quality i possess.

also. props to mr. luhrmann. i have forgotten to mention a project in the works... the great gatsby. which happens to be my favorite book. i have faith in the luhrmannator. he will do great things with mr. jay gatsby, daisy, myrtle, tom, nick, and the rest of the gang. {i'm putting in a plug for paul rudd to be cast as nick carraway. he would be just fantastic.} the day baz luhrmann revives julius caesar and sparks the same interest in high school students worldwide that i was hit with three years ago, will be the day that i bow down to him. it seems to be that i am the only person in my generation with great adoration of that piece, and it is a downright shame!

{it's the weekend, people. celebrate like you mean it.}    

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