April 18, 2011

hickeys and other true stories that the world now knows about me.

i have to tell you something.
i got out of my bed to come write this post. i was tucked in at 1:30, writing in my journal, praying, getting ready for sleep.
the vasaline was smoothed over my lips, the lights were out, lotion on, window open, and i just couldn't do it. i sat for a little while, trying. hard. but when my brain thinks, there is just no stopping it. so here i go.

i had an inappropriate dream about robert downey jr. last night.

which is probably the most unlikely confession that would ever come out of me. and by the way, i happen to think it's hilarious.

that's right, kids.
i have joined the downey train.
i'm obsessed. which would explain why i have watched only you about three times throughout the day.
and before you get your mind all in the gutter, it was a great dream. with a pg rating.
maybe pg-13... it was no high school musical.

other than that, ky-bee and i threw missy a surprise birthday party five days in advance.
the guest list included the girls downstairs, the girls upstairs, and the boys next door. and occasionally some wanderers from the elevator.
there were lovely cupcakes drenched in kylee's signature cream cheese frosting, candles, balloons, and more cartoon impersonations.
we did some great party things:
some name calling happened... out of love, double dog dares, some balloon soccer in the lounge, balloon art which was probably just as exhilarating, and a few rounds of what if. everyone knows it's not a party until you break out the what if.
i gave away my most "intimate" secrets in a grueling game of truth, double truth, or triple truth.
so there was no way out of that one...
which is a little weird, but mostly funny.
we learned lots and lots about each other just in time to part ways for the summer.
thank goodness for missy.
without her, none of that would have been possible.

{happy birthday, little miss!}

sweet dreams... if you know what i mean... ;)


  1. For sure the best post you've ever made. I laughed maybe a little too hard! Sweet Dreams... hahaha

  2. Finally, you've seen the Downey light.


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