April 21, 2011

i ate a lotttt of nutella today. and i don't care who knows it.

fall semester registration.
not all that it's cracked up to be.
which is why we chose to drown our sorrows like this.
so here's my tribute to another year of t.s.c. dance parties, angie's, and old main.
i love my little utah state. :)

we made these shirts. in an attempt to beat these boys.
minute to win it is a cruel, cruuuel game.
and if it weren't for me failing to chug two cans of root beer in under sixty seconds, we might have had a chance.
buuuut i couldn't do it. and we lost. miserably.
and so the game ended for team 10, thus leading to bragging rights for the boys.
if they weren't so sportsmanshipsy, i would probably egg their door.
no, that's a lie. i wouldn't.
but i would entertain the thought.
however... they were nice about our loss, and told us we will always be number one to them.
no egging necessary.
or even thoughts of it.

guess what! it's my favorite day of the week.
{happy thursday, lovelies!}

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