April 11, 2011

driving away from the wreck of the day.

you learn that when you all stay the weekend, the milk disappears faster... a whole new monday morning experience for me.

this morning was rough. to say the least.

out the door fifteen, count them, fifteen minutes past 8:30 for a 9:00 class. so naturally the shuttle decides to come even fifteen minutes after that.
late. again.
and i wouldn't be complaining had this class not been museum studies. you know. the only class i have with less than twenty people in it. you're completely noticeable when you jump through the door seeming to wear the word "tardy" stained to your forehead. have i neglected to mention that this class isn't on the first floor of the geology building? not the second floor either. ohhh no. because that would be too easy for me. obviously the she's-that-girl-that's-rarely-on-time-to-a-movie-theater curse wasn't enough for me. third floor, kids. let me add that these steps are anything but material for rookies. and of course the entryway to the elevator was being re-plastered. because the geology building is my arch nemesis, and we wouldn't agree to be friends even if we liked each other.

as the story goes, i was late.

if we're plussing it up, {yes, plussing: making something better. i just made it up. and i can do things like that because this is my blog. i can also italicize anything i want. for the record.} i found this girl today. and i must admit that i have been reading and reading all morning. her writing is seriously the bee's knees. if you're smart, you'll read. and read and read.

and also, i just decided right now that i'm going to do something just for me today.
i'll keep you posted. because i post lots lately.

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