April 13, 2011

because things like this always happen to me.

today i learned that there are fifteen dollars and thirty three cents in my bank account.

and it provoked me to do the following things:
--boycott a real bra, instead toasting to my friend, the sports bra.
--stand idly in the shower. for a longggg time...
--refusing to volunteer in class. {okay that one's not real. i don't do that anyway.}
--eat plain noodles for lunch for lack of a better meal. 

poking mama bear right now would be a very bad idea.

first of all, eaves dropping. that's fine. i'm not opposed by any means. however, when you're participating in such an activity, especially when strangers are involved, it would be beneficial to remember that you are not actually in on that conversation, nor do you know those conversing. so probably don't nod your head in response when they discuss the latest leo dicap movie. they don't know you. and they'll give you looks. and apparently, i'll blog about you. keeping yourself aware of the situation, could have saved you the humiliation. if you would have caught me on any other day, i could have looked past your inability to steer clear of the creep train, but not today. you're proudly riding now.

also, an absurd number of my peers are actually acknowledging me today... this is not normal. i've gotten smiles, waves, quiz partner invitations, laughs, the works. i'm the girl that avoids the front row, preferring to sit last row, last chair as to avoid such confrontation. the one day i don't wear a real bra. cool, you guys.

aaand last. i just want to inform you that i have a small stalker inside of me. she creeps, she quietly follows; she does not nod, but she still has a stalker stat. which is currently peaking. that was just a tid bit of knowledge that you, my blog friends, are now privileged with. allll twenty of you.

stalker stat of the day:
once there was a shuttle named campus loop. gary was the driver, and he picked me up after class to take me back to my dorm abode. which was nice of him. {but don't think i get special treatment; he picks everyone up.}
so here i am. sitting quietly, like always. no one of particular interest surrounding me. and then. standing on the sidewalk, that one boy is waiting patiently for gary to pick him up and take him home. naturally my hands start shaking for no apparent reason. other than complete obsession. at this point, the butterflies in my stomach are birthing more butterflies. {awkward}. i nonchalantly removed the newspaper that held the seat next to me bound like it was nbd, and placed it in my lap. this person, this great person, climbed onto campus loop, walked to me, prepared a backpack removal, and uttered a, "hey courtney!" from that tragically handsome smile of his, only to bypass me before i could mumble back anything audible. i could almost feel myself reaching out to touch his backpack or something. that was when the hypnosis subsided, and i turned back into a pumpkin. the moral of the story is, i got stuck with a spanish exchange student, and a three day old statesmen.

we think fruit's a bully.



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