April 26, 2011

this girl always remembers calendar dates.

in the midst, and through the mist of all things scholastic,
i would just like to take a small moment to recognize this day as a monumental one.
on april the twenty sixth, two thousand and eight,
my lips lost their virginity.
tahaha... what a funny day.
i was maybe wearing the above apparel on said spring evening. and it is maybe still tucked away in my closet.

if you'd like to know the juicy details, you won't find them here.
except that it happened in a soccer field, and i thought i fell in love. 
but i didn't. and thank goodness for that.
because love sounds scary...

kisses are lovely little things, and they deserve to be recognized.
so here's to three years ago, hosting stomach butterflies, and more kisses. :) 
sealed with a kiss, court.


  1. hahaha. Love you BEE eff eff. (I copied your way of writing bff because you copied my taking pictures of first kiss clothing, but we're best friends so these things are allowed and even smiled upon in most occasions. This is the longest parenthetical insertion ever. k...)
    too redundant?

  2. hahah remembering dates is the funnest! people think i'm nerdy, but i remember mine too. yay for first kisses!


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