April 28, 2011

i'm not even embarrassed.

you guys. 

i'm going through a stage where all i want to do is pretend that i am kate middleton. (for obvious reasons.) lately, i only listen to the beatles. eleanor rigby and lovely rita are my best girlfriends these days. not to mention i watched the young victoria yesterday and drooled over her wardrobe. and her husband. i don't know what it is... but the royal wedding is taking over, and i can think of nothing but this and this. i'm a little bit bitter about missing the event by just two weeks. 
yes, that's right. two.
 oh that i were a transcept at westminster abbey.
i thought that since mr. president wasn't on the guest list, i could maybe go in his place. he should not have regifted the winston churchill bust... to the people that gave it to him... good one. 

i think we all know where i'd rather be right now.
i love them.
i'll be watching their special day live tomorrow morning. 
at 4 a.m. 
it's just true.


  1. Well, you know that Di and I were friends in the pre earth life right? You should see my journal entries when she passed away... oh, the newspaper clippings... Did I really just admit to that?

    I will be watching too... just so happens my wee one is up at 4:00 AM!


  2. i would just love to come hang out with you ladies at 4 a.m.! that sounds way more appealing than waking by myself in my dorm and watching... by myself. i feel happy that i'm related to a royal supporter such as i. :)


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