April 16, 2011

where's my pic-i-nic basket.

i battled a stomach ache all night.
which had me waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

the good news is that logan is rainy, wet, and grey today. just the way i like it.
and i splurged on a giant box of capri suns.
im usually not one to deviate from my grocery list,
but today, it had to be done.

other than stomach problems and childhood beverages,
last night was maybe one of the best ones i've had.
my roommates and i spent our friday night on campus with the boys next door at the relay for life american cancer society fundraiser.
what an incredible cause.
the ceremony had me remembering someone special who fell victim to cancer six years ago. i can recall very vividly the time that she underwent treatment, losing all of her long hair, and bore nothing but the brightest of smiles; i hadn't recalled on her story in quite some time. she was my young, cool, stylish aunt kimmie, who played with my hair, and put lipstick on my virgin lips. i can only imagine the relationship we would have had today. 
i was shown several tender mercies of the Lord as the loved ones of survivors, and survivors themselves celebrated the strength that they had to overcome this monster of all diseases.

ohhh to be so brave.

before you believe that the event was solely a solemn and reverent thing, let me tell you that i have never had so much fun. between karaoke, and off the wall dancing, yogi bear, and boo boo made an appearance. and laughing that hard should be a daily requirement for everyone. pee your pants worthy.

needless to say,
i'll support year after year.

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