April 11, 2011

because going to school for the entire day just doesn't suit me well.

there are a few things that should never be permitted.

for instance:
one: who gave the okay on single's ward talent shows? never have i hated an hour more than the one i just spent at the toaster church down the street listening to bad impressions of the three amigos, yo-yoers, mix dances, and mediocre numbers done all to often, yet should really only be performed by miss frances ruffelle herself. it is a cardinal rule throughout the history of show tunes that one should never, and i repeat... never revamp, scratch that from the record... attempt to revamp a les mis sequence. because eponine is eponine. and there is no room for you to be.

sorry. moving on.

two: it should be a crime in all 50 states, and all 12544 countries, {just kidding. i don't really know where that number stemmed from. in other words, i completely made it up.} to produce a television show based solely on the sexuality of american teenagers.
...i think that's all that needs to be said there.

in other news,
i found a plush green chair on the side of the road. and it was free. so i picked it up. and it looks rather lovely in our little dorm of a home. some might tell you otherwise. like my roommates. but they're lying.

also, i checked out the antique shop. {this was my little my thing of the day.} i've been wanting to visit for quite some time now. so today i finally went! and guess what. as i apprehensively tip toed in the door all by my lonesome, there were four little men sitting around in rocking chairs discussing the weather. yes. the weather. so now, i have full proof that logan is the absolute best city in the entire world. if your town lacks fishermen hat wearing, {fish hooks included may i add} grey haired, rocking chair regulars, they're up here with me. they are just so lovely. and i'm never giving them back. now here are a few lovelies for you to enjoy.

vintage benches, vases, wedding dresses... i think i found my sanctuary.

ohhhh to be so in love.

this place is like a dream...

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