April 19, 2011

things that sometimes happen.

sometimes i decide that going running for about the second time in my life will be a good idea.
and then it's not.
and my body hurts like a mother. all. day. long.
my shins, calves, and my thighs are on fire. and not in a good way.
in an i-have-been-hobbling-to-class-like-i-actually-worked-out-hard-but-really-didn't kind of way.
i only jog/walked down campus hill to seventh east, and seventh north. then back up.
so that's fine.

i have a brand new obsession that could be potentially fatal for my bank account.
i just dicovered that i can purchase any movie that i want online for five dollars.
my relationship with amazon.com has grown significantly over the course of seven days, and said relationship increased even more when this arrived in my mailbox yesterday:
i do believe i have found love.

and the following is just for your viewing pleasure.
sometimes our neighbor, jake, comes into our apartment and prohibits us from getting off the bed until he has intertwined kylee and me together with streamers. we think he's fun.

also, it might be morally corrupt, and against everything that i believe... in that i'm usually against all things her, but there is just something about this that has taken me over. sorry, self. it's just true.  

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